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Worlds will collide when Renata and Frieda's erotic fantasies cross the digital frontier.

As Renata, medical receptionist and Star Police TV show enthusiast, writes an alternative ending to a dramatic showdown between tired space cop, Draker and his nemesis Thrax, a real life showdown is happening between her and Frieda, a dubious patient in the doctor’s surgery.  But do Renata and Frieda have more in common than they realise?  And have Draker and Thrax’s many years as adversaries brought them only closer together?

Director: Rebecca Thomson
Producer: Rogan Brown

Writer: Claire d'Este
Stars: Jane Stoddart, Sara Cooper, Steven Jones, Tim Priest, Jane Binning
Genres: Sci-fi, Comedy, Erotic, LGBT
Release Date: December 2010
Running time: 10 minutes 59 seconds


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