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Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical


Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical

In a regular Australian suburb zombies are on the loose and they're looking for human flesh. But for two long term residents of this zombie-infested neighbourhood, Agnes and Mauva, the threat is not the rotting, rampaging undead but the young, lovestruck lesbian couple , Dayna and Billie, who live next door.

Armed with nothing but their love for each other, a homeopathic remedy or two, and a vibrating novelty sex toy, Dayna and Billie must battle prejudice, mayhem and zombies at every turn to find out whether love can indeed conquer all and keep their key body parts attached.

Featuring the original and unforgettable songs No Penis Between Us, My Girlfriend Ate My Pussy - Literally! and Zombie Pride, this is a hilariously irreverent film that will leave the audience laughing, gagging and singing along!



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