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Women Of The Island


Julia Drouhin is a performance artist with an unusual way of hearing the world. She finds radio static ‘relaxing’, makes records out of ice and chocolate, and delights in recording the ‘mundane’ noises that surround her. Born in France, Julia’s art practice changed significantly when she moved to Tasmania in her adult life.  The landscape, soundscape and community of the isolated island inspired Julia to expand her art practice to incorporate her body, a new circle of collaborators, as well as the new sounds she encountered. Julia’s art is fuelled by a curiosity, playfulness and desire to open people’s ears to hear the world a little bit differently.

 Along with Ninna Millikin and Lara van Raay, Rebecca is one of the founding filmmakers behind Women Of The Island, a multi-award winning web series of short documentaries telling the stories of some of the fascinating women who inhabit the island of Tasmania.

To watch all the stories go to: 

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